Acolytes of the Black Dragon

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Acolytes of the Black Dragon Empty Acolytes of the Black Dragon

Post by Mirza on Mon Sep 08, 2014 2:08 pm

The Acolytes of the black dragon, from what I have been working on so far are a cult who are dedicated to worshipping a black dragon by the name of Maliel. (thats the name I came up with if you guys have better ideas for names shootem.)

They operate in secret and have member who are a part of a large number of groups. Some groups that would have members might be:
The Circle of Magi
The Hassansins
The Royal Guard
The Thieves Guild
The Arkose Assassin's guild
The Mustok Barbarian Clans
The Silican Barbarian Clans

Their headquarters is housed in the Mak'Shana Swamp on the Silican Peninsula beyond Florwynn forest. It is in a floating castle.

I have yet to determine their ultimate goal, but they are not good aligned people. Hopefully we can clear the rest up on the acolytes. Feel free to pitch ideas.

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