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Post by Niro Celeste on Sun Aug 17, 2014 4:16 pm

Character Name: Niro Celeste

Age: 103(20in human years)

Height: 5'10''

Skin: Light Grey

Hair Color: Silver

Eye Color: Dark Blue

Weight: 175lbs

Gender: Male

Race: Elf


Alignment: NG

Abilities/Skill: Niro is a Wizard Apprentice to the Artificer Tuvera. Tuvera has taught him the many different branches of the Arcane, Niro's Preferred branches are...

Abjuration: spells of protection, blocking, and banishing, such as Break Enchantment, Dispel Magic or Remove Curse

Conjuration: spells that bring creatures or materials, Teleportation, Summoning spells, minor healing spells.

Invocation/Evocation: spells that manipulate energy or create something from nothing, such as Fireball, Lightning Bolt, and Cone of Cold

Illusion: spells that alter perception or create false images, such as Mirror Image, Invisibility, Ghost Walk.

These Twelve Spells
Break Enchantment, Dispel Magic, Remove Curse.
Teleportation, Summon Familiar, Minor Heal
Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Cone of Cold
Mirror Image, Invisibility, Ghost Walk
are the major spells at Niro's disposal.
But since his skills are that of Apprentice still, he only can prepare 5 a day. Uses of each spell depend on the strength of the spell. A teleportation spell takes much more energy to cast then per se a Fireball. In Fact the Entire Conjuration tree takes up a considerate amount of energy.
Incantations are required for all spells while Arcane Materials/ingredients are essential for higher level spells.

Tuvera always pressed that in order to have a strong mind, you also have to be strong in body. The body is the vessel for the mind. Therefore, Niro is in above average physical condition. Though he has absolutely no Martial Arts ability, he has average Elf Agility and Strength. He is no weakling, but at the same time he is not going to win any bare knuckle boxing brawls. He's no pushover though.

Appearance: At the age of 103, which is a Young Adult in elf years (or  20 human years) Niro is nearing the prime of his elven life. His pale grey skin is flawless, his long silver Hair contrasting nicely against his tone. Niro is somewhat Vain of his appearance, with good reason, his features are remarkably handsome. His long silver hair is usually tied in a long ponytail. His slim body gives him the illusion that he is taller then he actually is.

Niro wears dark grey leather light Armor. With a small ingredient knife at his hip, with a darker grey cloak around his shoulders. Pouches of Material rest at his belt, as does his ancient tome(Magic Book). My Avatar gives a better picture.

Personality: First and Foremost, Niro is a Bookwork with something to prove. Niro loves to read, the Library in Tuvera's Academy couldnt even satisfy his hunger for Knowledge of the Arcane and Adventure of Literature. But with all this reading and knowledge, Niro has never even been on an adventure himself. Apprentices are not allowed to travel without a Master until they hit Journeyman level, Which is why Niro has some contempt for his higher skilled Brother Nevan and his Travels. Extremely jealousy and envy right there.
Niro is Calm and Calculating, always one to think first before acting. Most of the time he wishes to verbally work thru problems before resorting to magic.
Niro will mostly always put others before himself, believing the happiness and safety of others comes first.  He will never betray a family member, comrade, or friend. Though he is unproven in many things, he is very sure of himself and self confident.

History: I will not bore you with the details of a young elfs, long 103 year life. Here are the essentials.
Nevan and Niro orphaned at a Young age taken in by Tuvera, Master Artificer.
Both have a naturally affinity to the Arcane, and Tuvera notices this, naming them his Apprentices.
Many many years of long arduous training and practice of magic and arcane. Tons and tons of research.

Niro's Brother Nevan, having reached Maturity and Journeyman rank first, goes traveling, the Ultimate Test for a young Wizard, Surviving in this Dangerous world.

Niro, So close to Journeyman level, personally feels ready to help fix the Towns Problems. Ultimately upset at Tuvera's decision to bring in outsiders to solve the Towns problems(Read:Disappearances) instead of Niro himself, begins the first of many verbal disagreements with his master.  

After another rough verbal fight with Tuvera, Niro Wanders the Town of Farwyn, hoping to clear his mind. (Intro to Chapter 2)

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