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Post by Olrick Stormgard on Tue Jul 01, 2014 12:08 am

The Stormgard Order was founded centuries ago by a small band of warriors and were recognized as an official Knighthood only after their part in a great war where they managed to safeguard an otherwise defenseless village from imminent destruction. Since then the order has all but disappeared into legend.

Now the Order only lives on in stories passed down from father to son. Some say the Stormgards still exist and are only awaiting the call to arms. Others say they were wiped out by a rogue band of Orcs come down from the Mustok Mountains and attacked the keep that was set within a valley deep in the heart of the mountain range, cut off from the rest of civilization.

The stories of their fall are false. The Stormgard have thrived throughout the centuries, training one new recruit in secret every year that passes. Their tactics in battle have greatly changed from the traditional mounted combat accompanied by skill with a blade to a style identified by the immovable defense. The Grand Maester's personal guard are exceptionally talented at this form of combat and have been personally selected for their prowess, lead now by Olrick Stormgard.

The Order has been renowned for a kinship second only to blood and therefore, all knights of this order share the last name of Stormgard, among one of the highest honors a knight of this order could receive.

Now the order lives in secrecy, though should a village be left for ashes by the empire, they ride out in defense of those who could not help themselves. However then these times do come, the Stormgards never reveal themselves for who they truly are, merely telling witnesses of their actions that they were indeed sent by the empire and to send their thanks to them.
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