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Post by Undead4ssassin0 on Mon Dec 30, 2013 7:09 pm

Trevor O'Conner Trevor11

Trevor O'Conner Hawk10
and this is his trusted mustang stallion, Hawk.

Trevor O'Conner Werewo10
This is Trevor in his werewolf form.

Story: Trevor O'Conner was the most famous Ranger there ever was. He would travel all around the world, he new every animal, every plant, every track. One time he was out riding in the Farwyn forest, when him and his two followers came across a young girl name Katie, she was 11 at the time. The young girl showed talent in hunting, he decided in teaching her 'The ways of the Ranger' . Katie was and amazing student and he attached to her. She had no mom and no father, her father's friend took her in. Trevor saw Katie as his daughter. But one night he never showed up to train Katie, that was because he was ambushed by a pack of wolves... or at least thats what he only could see. The bite wound look like a wolf...besides the black liquid that sunk into the bite. The next day he arrived at the Inn, where Katie was eating. He called the child over and told her he had to leave. Katie was heart broken. Trevor told her that he loved her (as a daughter) and he would never forget the child. he pronounced her as a ranger and took off. As the sun went down, the full moon rose. His blood began to boil and he grew hot. Hawk was galloping at top speed. He ripped off his shirt, hoping it would help cool him off. it didn't. Only pain shoot into him and his skin began to fall off...correction MELT off! He soon fell off his horse in the dark. His arms grew longer his bone shifting and cracking into new places. his jaw bone grew long. a tail grew and his legs crooked back. He had turned into a werewolf, his mine wasnt clear but clouded with death, hunting, and ripping throats out. He had so much power he couldnt control. but for right now... he remained on the ground. He soon heard a angel like voice. A beauty with long golden hair and golden eyes. she smiled at him and told him she could help him and he believed. She told him if she could gather young people for her, she could help him with his would power. She told him lies and lies thinking he was doing good... she told him that she loved him, that he would be her king....that would all be a lie

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