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Post by Undead4ssassin0 on Mon Dec 30, 2013 6:18 pm

Queen Severa is the "The Queen of Dragons" as she puts herself. She is a beauty that can manipulate people into doing what she wishes

Queen Severa Server10

Queen Severa Server11

                                           Eye color: Amber
                                           Hair: Blonde
                                           Gender: Female
                                           Class: Witch

Story:Severa was born in Talc, and believe this or not but her name wasn't actually Severa but was Isabella....anyways, she was a maiden who dreamed of living as a queen.  She worked at a inn since she was 12. The girl was used to being beaten, pushed and forced upon. When her 30th birthday came she was kicked to the curb after accidentally spilling mead on a lady's dress. Weeks after being fired, the girl started to steal to get money for food. One day as she was stealing a apple she was caught and exiled from the city. At first the girl refused but when the guards chased her, she stole a thoroughbred mare and took off east. As the girl continued east, the hard ground started to go mushy, which her horse soon was sucked into mud and was suffocated and soon the mud started to Take Severa too. As the mud started to reach her face a black shadow hovered above her, the shadow came closer and soon a mighty black dragon landed. He saw the girl's pain and smiled. He could see a black spot that grew on her heart. He offered her immortality and everlasting riches...if she served him.... Severa accepted the offer and soon became untouchable, slaughtering people and men that treated her badly and now even the innocent... and now that she has a taste for blood she doesn't plan on stopping.[/color]

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